Eliason Press

For artists and artisans seeking to increase their presence and knowledge the reality of the cost of media services can be daunting.  Eliason Press can assist you in finding your way through the often perplexing issues that stand between you and realizing your project goals.

  • Consultation
  • Instruction
  • Presence and Integration

About Eliason Press

Eliason Press is committed to providing affordable services to artists and artisans seeking to expand their visibility and technical knowledge.

Through mentoring and consultation Eliason Press serves to elevate knowledge and practical skills, facilitating self-sufficiency in a variety of areas.
Eliason Press offers hands-on media and computer services at affordable prices, including audio, video, graphic design and WordPress construction.
By removing the obstacles in your path and providing solutions Eliason Press can help make your project a reality.

What We Do

Consulting and Mentoring 100%
Media Services 80%
Wordpress Construction 75%
Graphic Design 70%
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